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Diversity, thought-provoking, and affordable luxury and story driven. Tastelab Group is a Hong Kong-based hospitality group founded in 2017 by Wilson Lau and a group of like minded warriors. Together they share decades of experience in hospitality along with a mindset of making Hong Kong's dining experience better and affordable.
Tastelab Group's goal is to service majority of Hong Kong's eaters by providing great value to price. Serving high quality of good at an affordable price with good customer service as dessert. Always pushing boundaries, the group continues to expand rapidly within Hong Kong and beyond.
Great leaders lead by example, and our Management team embodies our values. They are on the front lines and continuously pushing forward with our vision and belief in the family; they are world-class leaders.
Food and Drinks
Our engine to create innovative dishes that are loved by everyone.
Out on the front lines, we go above and beyond to serve our guests. Our floor team are the ones who make it happen.
Back of House
Be part of the success, where office teams such as Design, HR, Procurement and Operation support the restaurants.